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Body and Color: WGP 2K4 Pewter w/ anno stripped everywhere but the wavy milling
Front and back block: Stock
Frame: Stock or Zero-b'd worrblade
LPR: PPS Micro Rock
Ram (qevs if any): Nexus w/out QEV's
3 way: Orracle
Pump arm: stock
Bolt and pin: Superfly
Valve: AKA Tornado
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: AKA Hammer kit
Ball Detent: Stock
Cocking Rod: stock
Beavertail: Stock
Feedneck: 2K4
Regulator: Sidewinder/Ergo
Barrel: Redz Pepperstix Kit
Hopper: Halo B
Air Tank: Crossfire 68/45
Consistency: +/- 5
Efficiency: 1500+ pending
Amount of paint through the gun: over 15 cases
Date Received: Feb '05
Problems?: timing slips a lot, other than that, none
Comments: It's insane
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