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There is a reason why we do not encourage "marker A vs marker B" threads, as explained in Spyder's post at the top of this page: -

any cocker vs. any other marker

hey, guess which forum this is! yep, it's the COCKER FORUM! most people are going to suggest COCKERS! but cockers have their own feel to them. maybe you won't like them. maybe you will. if you're really going to invest in a cocker or a marker of equal price, wouldn't you like to make sure that you like it first? go shoot one of the markers you're looking at. if you can't, you might as well get that coin out again.

The WGP forum is, not surprisingly, frequented by Autococker fans, who will almost certainly choose a WGP marker over a Kingman one. The same question asked in the Kingman forum will end up with most people choosing the Spyder. The question becomes pointless.
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