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right now you have 2 choices....drilling and installing screw holes on you current receiver or buying a new gti receiver (should be about $50-60) and transferring your parts over. Both have their good and bad points...Not the least of which is that if you go with the GTI you will be kind of stuck with the EVO style eye covers. I personnaly plan to drill
My setup:
Piranha E-forceG3 BLwith Boss blade trigger,
Boss bolt, Detonator regulator, Boss flush cocking system, Dye Sticky 3 grips, Macro line setup, High flow valve and pin, Empire barrel kit, AGD Warp Feed. t-board w/eyes (WOW!!!) Intimidator eye covers

Fear the Fish Spyder=Piranha clone

Originally posted by Shinnanagans:
You can have a $1,000 gun but you'll still have a $1 game.
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