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Differences between Angels

High Pressure Angel Platform

Angel LED: NO LCD SCREEN, Production ended in 2000 with the release of the LCD Angel. This version is technically named the Angel but is often called the LED or Angel LED because of the LED light on the back. The first Angel was called the V6.
Features: .45 Grip, Pots inside grip are used to adjust ROF and Dwell with a small screw driver. Stock was a semi only marker. Could be upgraded to semi, 3-shot, 8-shot zip and full auto by changing the board. Angel LEDs came in both single and double trigger models with single trigger models being the most common. Vertical ASA and mini regulator threads on some early LEDs are not the industry standard ASA found on current markers. Most LEDs came from the factory with little milling. S.E. models came with milling similar to that found on Angel LCDs. Aftermarket milled versions include the Alien Abduction Angel, Adrenalin Angel and Warped Sports Dark Angel.

Angel LCD: LCD Screen (duh), Produced 2000-2002 (limited numbers of a special edition were produced for 2003, which had IR3 internals, otherwise, basically the same)
Features: LCD Screen with menus that control ROF, Dwell, Timer, and shot counter data. Had multiple modes of fire.Although the LCD is mechanically similar to the LED some key improvements have been made in it's design. They are as follows:

1.) HP air from the min regulator is NOT channeled through an exposed aluminum tube between the vertical ASA and 45* frame as seen in the Angel LED. WDP utilized a space between the two lower tubes to channel HP air from the ASA to the valve eliminating the ASA to 45* HP air tube in the LED design. As a result of the changes, the LED and LCD bodies and 45* frames are NOT compatible.

2.) WDP made the body housing around the solenoid on the Angel LCD more compact in terms of length and width. As a result the Roto-Breach of the LCD is longer than the LED's. Due to the lengthening of the Roto-Breach and thinning of the body around the solenoid, the LCD and LED do not share bolts or back plates.

The LCD Angel was the model that was released in 2000 and 2001, in 2002 only IR3s were released, no actual 2002 milling exists for the LCD, however there are 3 separate milling styles that were released in late 2000 all the way to late 2001. The Butter Knife, Apollo, and another version of butter knife were made.

2000 was the lines milling and then sometime in September or so they released the first version of the butter knife. A few months later in April or so (2001) they released the Apollo milling, about the same time as chain frames and LPR tool Volumizers were released. A third butter knife version was released around World Cup of that year.

Angel IR3: LCD Screen and Infra-red sensor/reciever Produced 2002-present
Features: Updated internals, meaning better effeciency over previous models. An obvious difference is in the shape of the gripframe itself. It's a 90* angle, so your hand is more in line with the trigger, as opposed to an angle with traditional .45 frames. IR interface allows transmission and recieving of data, including ROF, Dwell, and Timer settings. Also, a COPS (Crystal Operated Paint Sensor) has been added, with menus to adjust sensitivity.


Angel Speed
Features:The first major design change to the Angel, with changes in the Hammer, LPR, and Ram design, allowing the Speed to be easier to service. You may also note that it's the first Angel without a snap ring in the ram. Designed to operate at significantly lower operating pressures than previous Angels (180-350 PSI Operating Pressure, and an LPR pressure about 33% lower than previous Angels [About 65-70PSI according to my math]). Includes a Space frame, and a LED style display, instead of a LCD screen. Has two ball detents, and a COPS-like sensor (Sensi) that has no adjustability unlike the IR3 COPS system.
WDP has released A4 boards that can be purchased and installed in Angel Speeds, basically turning the Speed into an Angel 4.

Angel 4
Features: A low pressure Angel that is similar to the Angel Speed, with a volumizer kit. Operating pressure around 100-200PSI has been achieved using volumizer kits included. Includes an updated SENSI system. The Angel 4 is a combinaton of the best features from the IR3 and Speed. The Angel 4 also was the smallest Angel to be released. From my personal experience, it seems like the gun has lost about 1/3 of the size compared to older models.

Angel Force 4
Similar to the Angel 4 with the exception of a different color scheme, and a lifetime warranty from Force. Basically an A4 tuned by master techs that work at major tournaments.

Angel 4 FLY
Lighter body, different milling pattern, and the addition of AngelEyes. The AngelEyes is a break-beam operated Anti-chop system, replacing COPS and SENSI pressure-operated system

05 Speed
The 05 Speed took it's engine from the Angel 4 FLY, with the addition of many new important features. The most important was the introduction of the new mini regulator design. It is encased within a foregrip, with the entire system being a cartridge that fits inside the tube. The new design was compliant with HP preset tanks, allowing many people to switch from cheaper guns to an Angel seamlessly. A very important update was the addition of a mangetic roller trigger. 45 Frames were also reintroduced, with 05 Speeds being the first WDP Factory gun equippped with a 45 Frame since the LCD Angel.


The G7 is the first Angel to undergo a drastic change in the rotabreech. In place of the pin and knob, a lever has been created that is used to open the breech. In addition, the new rotabreech design enables the bolt and ram to be moved forward once the breech lock has been secured. This will assist in preventing rollback issues that have been caused by users who improperly adjust their ram in the older generations.

The G7 Fly took the standard G7 Platform, and reduced the size even more, with an entirely new barrel thread pattern. The new threads allow milling to be extended into the breech, past the lower tubes. In addition, a new "Breakaway" trigger has been introduced, which is hailed as the fastest trigger system on Earth. An extremely light, fast, and deadly package.

06 Speed
The Speed line of guns continues the present to the consumer, the choice of function over form. The same performance as the G7 FLY, without any of the bells and whistles.
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