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that does look pretty cool, and I noticed you have a blue-black fade which is the same fade I have (seems pretty popular actually, so much for being an individual) and it still looks good with the black reg. I was thinking about getting a Torp. in chrome and finding a chrome sight rail that way when I got the Timmy eyes I'd get those in chrome as well so it would be a blue-black with chrome accents.

alright I have another question. after installing my blade trigger I noticed that there is a whole lot of side to side play with the trigger like its loose. Is this a common problem or did I just install it wrong? I installed it months ago and I guess it just didn't bother me enough to think about it until now. its not much of a problem really more of an annoyance, but I do feel like I'd have more control/shoot faster with a more solid trigger. So wether or not I installed it right is there anoyone out there with some advice as to how I would go about correcting this?
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