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Ready to learn how to snap shoot? Say yes boys and girls! First, (assuming that you are right handed) quickly peek your head out of the LEFT side of the bunker (your weaker side) to find out were your opponents are. Now, move to the right side. Kneel on your right knee, while keeping your left leg crouched (you can have it down too, if it's comfortable for you). When you lean out, keep your elbow in, and aim with your marker directly in front of your face. You should already be aiming at them before they even see you, so you have an advantage. You will also look like a retard aiming like that, but the only thing your opponent can see is the top of your head, and your marker. ALSO- if you are really tall, try to stand so that you can shoot OVER the bunker. Just don't stand up there for long!

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