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Join Date: Aug 2005
Body and Color:2006 Canadian
Front and back block:stock front / Slik mini
Frame:Eclipse E2 Eblade
Ram (qevs if any):Eclipse Nexus ram w/QEVs
Pump arm:CCM straight aluminum
Bolt and pin:Slik Edge 3 / Slik pull pin
Valve:MacDev Sonic RED
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex:Freeflow Stianless Steal/Madman/Shocktech IVG
Ball Detent:stock
Cocking Rod:Black Magic
Beavertailye it says Dye but the comp turned the : and the D into smiley
Feedneck:Stock Grip
Regulator:Have not purchesed yet either AKA 2 liter or CP Grip
Barrel:J&J ceramic edge system
Hopper:Halo B w/rip
Air Tank:Nitro Duck 68/4500
Amount of paint through the gun:N/A
Date Received:Waiting on parts
Comments:It's gonna be sick!
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