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well I got a scuba for 175 new, it's one of the few good things of living here and playing paintball. Lots of scuba stores It was kinda hard to make the guy sell it to me, it took me a while to convince him. The other store that was not asking questions will sell it for 240, so well yuo got the point. I tried to call the guy to go the championships (the next in april) but he is not interested in selling HPA for paintball.
I can't say it was easy to switch though, we tried for 2 months in talking to the gas company in here (the only one) to sell us the nitro or HPA at more then 2000psi but they didn't want to. The cool thing about a scuba is that is a lot easier to carry than a bulk tank. I have a 10kg bulk C02 too and man, is that hard to carry or what? I never take it to the field. You can take your own scuba to the field I guess. The only prob I've seen in US for scubas is that lots of stores won't sell you anything if you don't have a license. But I think it's worth trying. You can get one by internet.
Dumb Question? sorry can't help it, I'm from a third world country.

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