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well plan A was a flop, the washer was too thick, unfortunately it was the thinnest one I could find and metal. soooo what I did was fold up a tiny piece of paper and crammed it into the gap between the trigger and frame, not a very permanent solution but hey it worked, one tiny little problem though the trigger is at the perfect tightness it doesn't wiggle nearly as much but I'm going to have to mod it again to fit a spring of some sort behind the trigger to return it otherwise it remains depressed. I just can't win.

I decided to nix that idea as well and had to perform operation "paper jam." yeah having a loose trigger is better than having a trigger that is not only ghettoized but doesn't even work
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not fruitball, not potatoball, not fireball, not marbleball, not rockball, not anythingelseyoucanthinkof tostickinthereball....just good ol' PAINTball

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