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Yeah if you guys want to see the Core 22 stage expansion chamber go to My bud and I both have it on our Shutters and we love it!!!(I seriously get around 400-500 more shoots on a 20oz co2 tank!) When I go to the Cronograph shot to shot velocity can be a differace of sometimes just 2f.p.s. when I fire like 6 shoots! My paintballs land right on top of each other too! Even when I pull of 8 shoots a sec.! I love it. It might also be that great velocity consistancy to because the Shutter has a reg. on it! But none the less I highly reccomend it! IT WORKS! I also think it is available for Tippmann c98's Spyders, Piranahas, REBELS , and many other guns also! Again it is 50 bucks!

Also on the same website there is a regulator + 11 stage kit. (very great if you want a reg. with your gun) for 100$!
Gun Setup: Spyder Shutter (blue) Core 22 stage thermal expansion chamber, Custom Products barrel 12 inch (Blue)
12 volt viewloader hopper (Blue)

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