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Back in 2001 APG had a short note about this web site. I went to the link and decided to join. This site has changed a lot over the last years. It is a joy to come here read all the posts. Some are very good and some are very bad. That's what makes this such a good site. It probably my favorite non-store site. I have bought, sold and traded and traded a few guns on this site. I only was stolen from once but I decided not to do anything about it. Being a police officer I was going to make and a police report and send along the e-mails and postal information to the guys home town police department but the guy will have to answer to someone greater than I. I traded a new Stingray once for a PGP. The PGP looked like it had been soaked in salt water but someone bought it from me so I came out all right. All in all this is a good site and I have contacted some good people here but there will always be the other kind out there.

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I dont think that ^^ is true. Most I find are normal. Im normal
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