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My idiot freind was playing around once, what happend was we though his spyder was out of air, so somehow my door got locked in my hosue so I said to him go around the house and put the marker away, so after I got back in he said he put it away, so we were playin around and he picks the gun up and pretends to shoto me, whadda know strait it goes in my left chick just next to my lip, dead hit, I told that idiot"NEVER FIRE A MARKER WITH THE C02 TANK ON OR WITH THE BARREL ON" I told him taht a billion times, does he remember nooooo.
So I had a huge fat lip for 3 days, now he owes me, it would ahve been impossible for me to get hit in the eye though[I wear veyr veyr strong glasses and the marker was set at 200 fps]

Nothing compared to your hurt dude.
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