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Psycho Ballistics


Adjustable front regulator - Swing trigger (LIGHTNING DELUXE features double trigger) - Twist Lock/quick release bolt - 2 Piece Barrel - Rubber grip - Custom milling - Detachable vertical feed.

Lightning Deluxe

Adjustable front regulator
Swing trigger (LIGHTNING DELUXE features double trigger)
Twist Lock/quick release bolt
2 Piece Barrel
Rubber grip
Custom milling
Detachable vertical feed


Another great Psycho Ballistics pro-marker! Available in Beadblasted Silver, Black and Blue.



The New ‘05 Halfblock from Racegun comes fully upgraded and ready to R.I.P.

Tournament Ready
Very Light weight & Fast with Closed bolt accuracy and distance
The best pneumatic parts in the industry ano’d to match.
MacDev Gladiator Inline Regulator
Chipley CCM Ram
Palmer’s Micro Rock LPR.
Adjustable Feed Tube
Delrin Bolt
Aluminum Pump Arm & IVG
Break Beam Eyes with Dual Ball Detents
Made in the USA


The Tribulation Marker by Revelation Paintball Products combines the best components to deliver a fast, dependable marker. Be one of the first to have the all new Planet Eclipse E2 taking your game up a notch. Featuring: Planet Eclipse - E2 setup, Nexxus Ram with QEV's, Eclipse Tamper Guard WGP - Orracle Valving with Lock Down hammer, Delrin Bolt with orings, Orracle Tickler Attractive milled body with clampfeed matching two stage barrel with .689 back, and exciting color combinations.

Rex Paintball


275 to 350 psi operating pressure
Use CO2 or N2/compressed air for air source
Spyder compatible barrel thread with mid-rise feedneck
ACS (anti-chop system) anodized aluminum field-strip bolt
External adjustable 3-way valve
Dual regulator system with angled drop forward
ASA (air system adapter) system and operating pressure gauge
Power-saving roller sear for smooth and lighter trigger pull
Open-bolt design for rapid shooting
Polish anodized exterior and 3-D machined body milling


The RX5 was our first project. It uses all the best parts available today. The body is custom milled and super lightweight. It has an Eclipse E2 frame, Eclipse LPR(depending on customer preferences), Nexus Ram with QEV's, Nexus Internals, Dye Beavertail, Dye Ultralite Barrel, Black Magic Regulator, Dart Bolt, 5 Gram Back Block, and an Eclipse Cocking Rod.The gun comes with tools and warranty.

Smart Parts
Actually made by Belsales - Smart Parts just distributed it. Uziel.


The original Autococker masterpiece. Perfect in every way—balance, weight, performance and sweetness. There is no such thing as "stock" EVO-X parts. The marker is built as a whole to perform beyond expectations.
—Stainless Freak Barrel
—Gas thru foregrip
—Custom Ram, 3-way, bolt, valve and rods

Evolution – XE

The Evolution XE has everything you could ever want in an Autococker. This CNC machined, hand built and electronic equipped grip frame make this the ultimate closed bolt marker.
—Stainless Freak Barrel
—Gas thru foregrip
—Custom Ram, bolt, valve and rods
—E-Blade electronic frame with anti-chop eye
—22 balls per second

System X

Type X

* Custom Milling Type X Style 04
* Reaper Hinge Frame System X
* Type X Bolt and Pin
* Removable Feed Neck
* Adjustable Vengeance Pneumatics
* Custom Milled Barrel 12" .689
* 3 Piece Ball Detent
* LSX Tacky Grips
* SLightweight - Fast
* Bottom Line and SS Line, Elbows installed

Vengence 2.0

Advanced 3-D Milling, Polished Fade Anodizing, System x two-piece barrel system, Custom 4 piece ball detent system, System x Low-Rise ball feed, Milled and custom form fitted teardrop XTC back block, Delrin Bolt Open Face / no o-rings needed, 6 -way adjustable Vengeance regulator for perfect fitting which also takes place of front block valve stem screw, Adjustable 3-way for faster trigger response, Tacky grips designed to stick when palms get wet, Vengeance in-line regulator comes with output gauge and is adjustable from 0 to 750 psi, 2003 Custom swing trigger with adjustable trigger pull, snatch grip and detachable beaver tail, Dovetail mounted body has an ergo style knob, Dual outlets for gas line and gauges for any configuration, Braided hoses are also a standard

Vengence 4.0

Built from the ground up, this marker has no aftermarket parts from the paintball industry. Everything you see was made and tested by highly qualified staff and technicians.


SX 2 piece accurate barrel system
Adjustable 3 piece ball detent
Low rise feed port
2003 Delrin bolt and custom block system
Front pneumatic regulator includes 6-way adjustable positions for perfect fit
Custom ram (SUPER SHORT) and manually adjustable 3-way for faster trigger response
SX tacky grips designed to stick when palms get wet
2 piece inline regulator, adjustable from 0-750 psi
2.0 mini-wing System X custom milled and anodized with adjustable trigger pull
Snatch grip and detachable beaver tail
Includes X-Ten Kradle with on/off setup

Turtle 'Cockers


Autococker Half-Block body. Light weight and Different. The Turtle Cocker. Now You don't have to worry about a Cocking rod coming loose. Faster rate of fire due to a lighter back block, bolt and re-designed Hammer. Can stay tighter in the bunker because you can put the back of the gun against your mask and won't get hit in the face with the back block With the New Turtle Valve (patent pending) in them the operating pressure is lower and the gun is quieter.

Warped Sportz

The Dark Cocker is back and better than ever, more tricked out and customized then even the most fanatical cocker enthusiast could dream of!!

Made from 100 percent authentic Bud Orr WORR Game's Cocker bodies. Checkout all the customized features:

-Dark Series Vicious Three-way
-Dark Series Rocket Cocking Rod
-Dark Series Two-Piece Stainless Steel Barrel (bead blasted to match)
-Dark Series Vertical ASA Adaptor (helping keep that sleek look!)
-WDP Mini Reg -Dark Series Devil Tail beaver tail
-Dark Series Autococker Bolt
-Custom Rock Regulator
-45 Hinge Trigger Frame with Autococker gripper !
-Bead Blasted Finish

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