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Body and Color: AIM Swift 17, black
Front and back block:AIM front,CCM Delrin backblock
Frame: E1(Zero B coming soon)
Ram (qevs if any): Nexus with Elipse QEV's
Pump arm: CCM Aluminum straight arm
Bolt and pin: Shockteck Supafly
Valve: Freeflow
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: WGP
Ball Detent: WGP
Cocking Rod: ccm
Feedneck: WGP"The Grip"
Regulator: Stock Ergo or a stock Ion
Barrel: 12" Promaster, 16" All American
Hopper: eVLution2(coming soon)
Air Tank: Crossfire 68ci 4500PSI
Consistency: Good
Efficiency: Good
Amount of paint through the gun: Uncounted
Date Received: Nov 30th 2005
Problems?: None
Comments: Great gun
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PBN, where smart paintball goes to die.

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