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Body and Color: WGP 2k2 VF black
Front and back block: stock 2k2 WGP black
Frame: Eclipse Eblade2 black
LPR: stock 2k2 WGP black
Ram (qevs if any): Freeflow SMC ram w/2 Freeflow QEVs chrome
Pump arm: stock aluminum
Bolt and pin: WGP white delrin (no o-rings) with stainless steel pull-pin
Valve: stock WGP 2k2 valve
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Eclipse Rex Dialer Hammer, dialer not installed
Ball Detent: stock WGP cocker detent
Cocking Rod: Black Magic cocking rod
Beavertail: no idea actually...i found it one day rummaging through my stuff...haha.
Feedneck: stock WGP 2k2 VF
Regulator: Palmers Male Stabilizer
Barrel: Total Freak Kit
Hopper: VL ReVLution, or VL eVLution...evo is a POS...revvy is alright except the plastic sucks (my lid broke...)
Air Tank: Crossfire 68ci/4500psi
Consistency: +/- 5-ish on a good day, +/- 20 on a bad day.
Efficiency: 1800+ with a full fill.
Amount of paint through the gun: mech, dozens of cases, as an electro, not even one yet...(i just got it working after the idiots at the shop i took it to to get the eyes drilled screwed it all up...).
Date Received: ??
Problems?: when i took it to a shop to get the eye holes drilled, i thought, "what the hell...ill let them install the whole thing". when i got it back, it worked for about 2 days, then it stopped working. it turns out that they pinched the solenoid wires between the frame and the body, and the shaking from shooting it cut through them both. i didnt kno this was the problem 'til like months after i got it back. i just got it soldered and all yesterday.
Comments: i love my gun. the only drawback is that it's a bit heavy...since it's a 2k2 body and all...but was fast, until i accidentally cleared the custom timing settings the guy at the shop put it's at factory fast...which is capped at a not-so-fast 12bps.

FreeFlow Lotus red/black body
-E2 w/ eyes installed
-SP full freak kit (aluminum back, red 14" freak tip)
-freeflow SMC ram w/ QEVs
-WGP white delrin bolt
-eclipse rex dialer hammer (dialer not installed)
-palmers stabilizer

everyone buy circle stuff!! lol...

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