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Not really on topic of paintball at all, but it has to do with cops. My friend and I walked to my friends house after school one day and we were at the local park and they pulled an extremely loose sign out of the ground and put it back in better. Well some cop storms up in his car (and it looks like he is off duty he's not even in his cruiser) flashes his badge and yells at us. Well he thinks we are trying to steal the sign (it's 4:00 Pm.) we say we were just trying to put it back in better and he doesn't even believe us. So he calls up the cheif of police to come and they are talking to us. Well my other two friends get two hours of community service, I don't get any because I wasn't even there when they did it. Well turns out that the cop that busted us was a former deputee for my friends step-dad. He got his step-dad kicked off the force because he just didn't like him, he came up with a bunch of lies and other stuff. The reason why he didn't like him was because he made them work (the cop that busted us would stay at his mom and dad's house while he was supposed to be on patrole). Well my one friend that got the community service didn't even think about it, sent it to juvinile court they dismissed it in like 15 minutes and he went hunting the next week. And when I got my first gun I was shooting with my friend and him being so retarted is shooting like a moron and accidently hits my next door neighbors cop cruiser SUV, and his daughters car. Well he makes us wash off the cars and he doesn't give us anything (luckily first cop encounter). I have a few cop things to say but I'd rather not.
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