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Post will be terminated, says negotiable. Read the rules.
Trading Forum Specific Rules
1. Only one "Up" post every 24 hours. An "Up" post is defined as any post made for the sole purpose of moving your thread back up to the top of the list.
2. Only post a reply to a For Sale or For Trade thread if you are interested in the goods being sold.
3. Do not post in someone elses For Sale thread with information about your goods for sale.
4. Do not post in a For Sale thread just to tell someone that you think the price they are selling the goods for is poor.
5. Paintball stores and companies, or associated individuals, are not allowed to use the Trading Forums to sell goods. The forums exist for paintball players.
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Originally posted by Jeezer
Lemme put it this way then. Its like taking a crap, some people drop em faster than others.
Props to Alex262 for the freebies
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