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LOL, My sister is the best "sniper" I know. All the guys I play with fear her. She is really quiet (personality wise too), moves quickly but stealthily, uses mainly hit and run tactics, occasionally camps, and is like a human radar system. She knows where everyone is at all times (her full situational awareness is eerie...), tells our team the opponents' positions, disappears for a lil bit, and comes back after scoring a few elims. Later, everyone talks about how they were eliminated out of nowhere, and she just gives her calm, scary little evil smile. I think it is interesting to note that she accomplishes this with a stock, average Spyder (a TL), and your everyday run-of-the-mill woodland camo. She uses no special equipment whatsoever.

I personally have only had some one/few shot elims, so I am more of a marksman. I alternate between the "spray 'n' pray"/"rapin' by a-paintin'" and "sniper"/conservative play styles, just to mix it up. You've got to admit , it's a real treat to hose down the field every now and then, within reason. The key purpose here is to have fun, not be a hardass. (*Thinks of funny pic of TP for hardasses, which consists of a cheese grater on a roll... )

In short, I am set up more like a one-man assault force, whereas my sister is more like a "sniper"/rebel guerrilla fighter/ambusher.

EDIT: BTW, it IS possible to get one/few shot elims in speedball, as I have racked up a few myself (in full camo I might add), but that is VERY rare.
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