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Third Party Trading!

Since I've been given the privilege of moderating this forum. I thought how can we make all transactions as pleasant an experiences for both the buyer and the seller as possible. Well I think I've found the solution. It's called a third party trade. Here's how it works.

Let's say Johnny wants to sell Billy his Autococker, So Johnny sends his cocker to Mr Smith (a local paintball shop owner) Mr Smith looks over Johnny's cocker and tells Billy, Yes it's worth the X number of dollars that Johnny wants. Billy would then pay the total shipping (from Johnny's to Mr Smith's to Billy's) as well as Johnny asking price. Mr Smith doesn't ship Billy the gun until after Johnny gets his money.

If the Autococker is junk or no good, Johnny pays for shipping to and from Mr Smith's shop.
A small service fee should be paid to Mr Smith for his part in this transaction.
This way nobody gets burned, I've used this method myself with great results.

I will check with the moderator of some of the other regional forums and see if they will help supply us with names of shops from each state that would be willing to work with us establishing such a system.

Let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in?
Morde Sordom
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