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As has been covered earlier in this thread, this is the fault of the people who made the bottles, *not* the people who assemble the air systems (Crossfire, MacDev etc. don't make the bottles, they buy them from other companies, and then attach the regulators that they do make, in order to make an air system).

The air system companies could easily have stated that this wasn't their problem and told you to take it up with the bottle manufacturers. Who to the best of my knowledge have folded, so you wouldn't get anything back from them. Instead, the air system companies are supplying new bottles at a fraction of what they would cost your to buy over the counter. They are subsidizing your purchase of a new bottle so that you get it as cheaply as possible, resolving an issue that should really have been fixed by the bottle manufacturer, not them.

Obviously, in a perfect world, GCI would have fixed this, and everyone would have got new bottles for free. As GCI are no longer trading to my knowledge, the air system companies have done the best they can for their customers, rather than leaving you stranded with a bottle you cannot fill. If they had done anymore, they could have risked going out of business themselves. They have done the best they can under the circumstances.
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