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Originally Posted by Tabris17
I think next time I go to my local field I'll print out your picture and have them hang it around. I can't tell you how many times I've seen refs yell at people for lifting their masks.
Heck, I was watching a game on the hyperball field after I was elimanted and there was a party of little kids watching. And five minutes before the ref yelled at one to keep his mask on and what happens? Stray shots go through the fencing (which was some cheap netting and chicken wire to be able to walk through to get to the other side without being on the field) the little kids jump and scream and the ref gets a paintball right to the goggles and tells them that's why they all need to keep their masks on.
If he didn't have the mask on his right eye would have been taken out, it was a spot on shot.
But hey, you can be the poster boy for mask safety. And at least you're taking this in stride as well.
I agree 100%

At the field i go to, I hate seeing 12-year-olds coming off the field without barrel plugs/bags on; always have to remind them about it. So me and my friends will be switching off with them, and they end up muzzle sweeping a crowd of people/parents with loaded guns.

I guarantee that if they saw these pictures before they played, they'd remember to keep the safety equipment on.
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