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Forum Rules, Read Before Posting

No VS Threads Allowed
Yes, you heard right. Starting today all vs threads will die horrible deaths upon their creation in this forum. Why? Because I'm 100% positive that if you did a search, you'd be able to find the same thread you're wanting to post already made and answered by someone ese. Futhermore, if it isn't posted, then you need to spend some time in each appropriate forum for the marker's you're trying to compare. And furthermore, this overwhelmingly the public opinion on these threads, not just mine.

Vs threads will be permitted in the following places and have the following exceptions:

Any member who posts one shall abide by the following:
1) Have performed a thread search in at least an attempt to answer his own question.
2) Will post in the appropriate marker type subforum. (I.E. High end electros if you're comparing shocker's and angels, perhaps newbie forum if this is your first gun). NOT in GPBT.
3) Will post more than just "which one should I get" but provide us with reasons why your list is down to thse two markers, etc, instead of "Should I buy a Dm4 or Ego? kthxbye."

That is all

Warning/Banning requests from members
Lately there have been an onslaught of people making threads about how they want to see a member banned and/or warned. Most of the time, the ban/warning request is completely unwarranted and unneeded. This has created many problems for the members here, the staff, and the site itself. 99% of the time it turns into a lynch mob and flame-fest of said member and then that member tries to defend themselves against the masses. All this does is create bad blood between members and normally results in flaming throughout the site as these two+ members constantly go back and forth, ending in ALL getting banned over something stupid.

If you have a problem with a member's posts, please use the report button. That is what it's there for. Then have some patience. We, the staff, are not all online all day everyday 24/7. We need a bit of time to get there and deal with your concern. Your concern is not the only one. There are a lot of you and few of us. Please give us time to react to the problem. Also, sometimes the staff will want to talk about an issue to determine the best action(s). This could take a couple days. We live all over the country and again we're not on 24/7 so sometimes it takes time.
If you are having a problem with a member in general, please don't make a thread about it. Just PM an Agent, Mod, or Super about the issue you are having. We will get back to you, we will look into it, and the problem will be resolved. I promise. That is our job after all. Please give us the time and information to do that BEFORE everyone forms up a lynch mob.
Any questions or comments please feel free to PM me.
Thank you all for your time and cooperation in this matter.

** There is an unlocked version of this thread in the Q&A Forum for questions and comments**
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