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Good points

1. Know where everyone is going

2. Get pumped up before game make sure your ready(saftys off barrel plugs out and it does happen!)

3. Make your shots count, no just spraying because you think or shooting at players you know you probably cant hit. (ie far away players.) Beware overshooting it just wastes paint.

4. Beware of what is sticking out, tuck in, practice pulling pods out with no elbows sticking out.

5. Learn to snapshoot it is very important.

6. Learn to fire weak hand accuratly you wont have as good of rate of fire.

7. Learn to work the tape and all positions dont do just one.

8. Walk the field and check it out before you play run it over with people you play with.

9. Really Big Learn to Communicate EFFECTIVlY!

10. Above all be safe because it is the cool thing to do

11. Help out new players it makes you feel like your King and it helps them out along the way.

12. Angel off your bunker when looking for a shot

13. When looking out of your bunker keep you gun on the opposite shoulder than the one that is leaning out. This reduces gun visability and lets you find your target. Once you find your target just simply switch the gun out to your right staying as close the the bunker as possible with as little showing as possible and take good shots.

14. Work your bunker don't just fire out one side

15. Promote the sport, dont throw your gun, throw a fit, or be full of yourself. There is always someone better.(like me he he he kidding)

16. Have fun talk to people dont be afraid make friends.

17. Dont be afraid move up be aggressive you will have more fun that way.

18. It seems newby but if you can do all this you can come play on my team anytime.
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