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I snap differantly than people, well it isnt' really snaping here it is

People will be parralel to the bunker and totaly turn around the corner of the bunker. You guys need to totaly turn your body around the side of the bunker.



im not parralel with the bunker, so i shift my weight to one side and i automaticaly come clear of the bunker. All i need to do is lean to one side and i can already see to one side.




Positions and help

1. kneeling on one knee and make sure that the oposite side you are shooting (lets say lefty) that your right leg in up and the rleft leg is down (otherwise, your right leg would be poking out)

(if your snapping like me then its vise versa)

2.THIS ONLY WORKS IF YOU ARE SNAPPING LIKE ME the side you are one (lets say snaping out the right side) your right knee is going to be touching the ground(make sure it doesnt poke out) and you other LEG the whole thing will be straight out to the side, and this way with your left leg, you can push your wight from this leg to push you out, and then with your strong stomach muscles you can pull yourself back in... lol

3.Kneeling on both knees (be careful that nothing poked out.. like you legs)

4. THIS ONLY ONLY WORKS IF YOUR'S SNAPPING LIKE ME This one is hard.. make sure you play it right.. make sure no one can see you.. Well stay about a MAX of one foot away from the bunker, and lean backwards, this should reveal some playing area, it hurts your back but it can make some very nice snap shooting eliminations.


1.if your under pressure and a guy knows your there, move around the bunker ALOT, like snap twice from the left side, snap once from the right side snap once from the left side the 3 times from the right... something like that

2. Get a foot away from the bunker and when you start to snap, start to shoot before your maker clears the bunker so that when it does clear the bunker, your already shooting(make sure you arent to close, ive done this and the ball bounced off the bunker and gogged me..

3.This one almost always works..when your snap shooting pop out crouched then next time pop out in prone, then the next time standing up (but make sure to mix it up ex:3 times crouch, 2 times prone, 1 time standing)


when you start to pop up, before you can see anyone else, they will be able to see about 4-5inches of your forehead, and also when you pump your legs up and down, it isnt as fast as using your stomach muscles and the force you use to push up will probably be too much and push you about a foot over the bunker and reveal your whole mask and well.. its not a very safe move, only use it about 3-5 times in a game. But that's my opinion!
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