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Almost same thing happened to me a couple months back, (sorry I have no pics)
I was done for the day and about to put my marker away. Turned it so the barrel faced up with my left hand over it while getting my case out of my trunk, then my marker discharged and the paintball shot right up into my hand. Blood was litteraly dripping down my arm (About 270 FPS). Went to the hopspital got about 5 or 6 stiches. Also had some nerve damage in my left palm, so when I touch my left hand palm, I can't feel it..

Lesson Learned
When putting your gun away or any other situation when having your barrel face you or another person (Practicaly all the time, unless your very lonely) to take your hopper of immediatly and turn your frame off (if you have E-marker)

So next time anything close to this situation happens, always do the following:

Before number 1: barrel plug / sleeve
1.Turn your frame off
2.Take off your hopper(shut it off if electronic)
3.Take off HPA/N or C02 take
4.Optional ::Trigger

Take my advice so you don't get hurt on and off the field
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