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This is one of my greatest fears ever, loosing eyesight... this will probably have great affect on your gameplay even though you dont notice it that much perhaps.. heh, really sorry that this has happend man, chances are very great that somthing like this could have happened with me.

I feel really sorrry for you and i hope as much as possibleand even maybe all of your eyesight returns.

I had loads of similar events but nothing bad has happened yet, I take cautiuon but clearly not enough...

Long ago we actually had this "Daisy" guns that shot this little copper bullets, much harder than BB guns but the point is we actually shot at each other like that... kinda like a BB Gun war but ya different I could have lost an eye... Kids...

Recently though, after we were done playing and everyone was in the neutral zone and I was only one on the field I shot out my last bullets on the junk there and I took my mask off becuase I was swetting etc and you know the deal you just want it off, I thought it was safe but I was wrong, my friend Jean, Runs out screaming "I have one more bullet" and he wants to shoot me EVENTHOUGH I have no mask on.

What surprises me most is that I had to trip and push him into the ground otherwise he would have shot me, and he was aiming the gun at my face at first.

Geez, just when I thought it was all over.

I am really glad that happend, now I will be more cautious.

Anyway, once again I hope your eye recovers well.
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