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I guess I'll add my 2 cents to this. Granted, this is only my way of snapshooting, might not work for everyone.

I have a huge drop forward on my timmy, which allows me to slide my gun in nice and tight, with my tank touching my shoulder, so it's even with whatever side I'm shooting (shoulder doesn't stick out past the tank). I then place my palm flat on my drop, giving as little possible profile to my hand as I can, and one finger vibrate the trigger. I hold my regulator in between my thumb and fingers so that they are parallel with my barrel, until I wrap them around the reg. Holding my gun in front of me centered, my fronthand and wrist are parallel to the gun (up and down). To snap left, bend your wrist to the right a bit as you come out. To snap right, go to the center position, and without changing hands, move your tank to your right shoulder, bend your wrist to the left, and shapshoot, switching your aiming eye at the same time. You pivot your gun on your front hand. It was uncomfortable at first, but easy to practise the positions just standing in front of the mirror. The bonus to shooting switch(opposite side you're used to) is that your trigger hand won't ever stick out.. if it does, that means you lost your balance and are screwed anyway.
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