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Originally Posted by tippmannmandan
I have a really sad story about cops and paintball. My friends Matt and Mike live in a town called Valley Springs. This town is the definition of ghetto. One gas staion/mini mart/ casio/ arcade/ bar (not kidding its called the raceway and it has been robbed 46 times to date). The entire town has 1 cop so you can do preatty much anything in this town so everything is really run down and criminals are everywhere, there fore the cop is a real bad *** when he's not drunk that is. Anyway we were in Mike's back yard picking off a squirell with his Diablo Mongoose when a cop car come screaming up. We hide and watch what he's doing. Turns out he was coming to see a report about a disturbance of the peace about 2 houses down from Mike's place. The guy goes out back because a dog was supposedly lose and attacking people. (yea it was but it was a big dog and was cool, I ride him one time for about 100yards an im 135lbs 5'9 thats how big he was) anyway the dog runs at the cop kinda growling. This apparantly spooked the cop so he thought it was justified to use lethal force. He shot the dog TWICE IN THE HEAD WITH A FRICKEN .45 MAGNUM! He just picks up its carcas and carries it the owner's house doesn't appoligies and gets in his squad car and drives off like the ******* dog killer he is.
why are you mad? you were shooting squirrels.
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