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Lol nice stories guys, seems like paintballers are good with cops

I got a story of my own but its not about cops. I live behind a farm, and they have woods that they use for hay rides in the fall, but i have soccer then so no paintball for me. But in all other months we play. But continuing on, the farm has illegal immigrants that work their farms, and most are used to the sounds by now but they just got new ones. So we go out playing (about 16 of us) and we're in our 3rd game and all of a sudden we all stop and turn....... 10 mexicans are coming down then hill (its a huge slant that we play on gets so unfair haha) and they all have shotguns. We were all scard crazy!!! We all booked as one of them discharged their gun. We didn't nkow what to do so they all came back to my house, and about 30 minutes later some of us brave up and go back to teh woods. We were walking to wear we have our bags and paint and what not... and guess what we find... yes they were in our paint throwing it at each other. We all ran over and luckily one of my friends knew spanish well enough to get them to go away. It was scary as hell though, but we've never been bothered by them again. One time is enough for me lol
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Also this might be a news flash but I almost gaurantee you you can't walk nearly as fast as you think you can. BPS is like weiner size in teenaged boys... highly exaggerated.
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