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Just about done with both of my guns. I'm getting a JAM Bolt for the 2002, but other than that, they're both done.

2002 STO Autococker
AIM Barrel Kit
12v Revvy
Evil Delrin bolt
ANS Hinge trigger frame
Dye Stickie grips
ACI Phat Mini drop
Evil Detonator on/off ASA
PMI 68 3000
Mantis tank cover
Friggin' ancient neoprene pneumatics shroud
Yes, I know that you probably think it looks stupid. But I'd rather keep the pneumatics safe, and clean off a shroud instead of the pneumatics, should I take a shot there. And the neoprene is more likely to spot me a bounce than the LPR.

I got screwed on a deal for a 99 STO over on PBN. Didn't look into the gun itself enough and some other crap, and got screwed. The bolt was so badly chipped and worn that the pneumatics couldn't cycle it. How it achieved such a crappy state is beyond me. The reg it came with was leaking like a sieve, and wouldn't stop, no matter what I or anyone did. I ultimately decided to just make it my own. Got rid of the reg and pneumatics in favor of a WGP Pump kit and a 2004 stock reg, and swapped some parts with my 2002 STO, and made the ugliest pump you have ever seen.

1999 STO
WGP Pump kit
Stock 2002 STO slide frame
Clear Dye stickies
Stock 2004 regulator
Evil rail
32 Degrees on/off ASA
Same barrel, hopper and tank as the 2002
The feedneck was too big for the revvy, so I cut an oring, stuck half of it inside the feedneck, and wrapped electrical tape around the feedneck to hold it in place. Such is the result of a Thursday night at home with nothing to do.

Close-up of the feedneck.

I have way too much time on my hands.
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