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06 Cyborg Tech

Since the Macdev forum is rather lacking in some aspects I figured I would do a small favor and start posting some specs and what not for the 06 Cyborg. This will be a work in progress so this will be rather skimpy looking at first.
I will be posting more info as I get more acquainted with the 06 Cyborg but others are welcome to post info as well.

Weight: 2.0lbs
Length: 9.25" (no barrel)
Height: 8.66" (no air source)
Width: 1.18"
Calibre: 0.68"
Power source: 9V battery
Gas source: Compressed air/N2 only
Barrel threads: Standard AutoCocker
Detent threads: Standard Autococker
Inline regulator: 04 Gladiator
Solenoid: Custom 5-way, 5V
Fire rate: true 34bps
Anti chop system: LED Break beam eye
Fire modes: Semi, PSP, NPPL, Millennium, CFOA, adjustable ramp (11 Firing modes in all)
Operating pressure: 200psi

CAUTION: I received a page to the manual that Smoke from PBK added himself; since the 06 Cyborg manual is really a copy of the Sonic Cyborg manual.
DO NOT adjust velocity through the LPR. The LPR should be set to 70-80 psi using the Macdev Ram Gauge (sold seperately) and the Gladiator regulator should be set to roughly 180-210 psi to acheive velocity. ALL velocity adjustments are now through the Gladiator NOT the LPR.

Allen wrenches for disassembly and other work: Standard sizes, the 06 Cyborg is non-metric.
5/64 for the grip frame and eye cover screws.
3/32 for lpr and gladiator reg adjustment.
1/8 for removal of ball detents and the two main body screws to seperate the grip frame from the body. You need to remove the eye covers and carefully pull the eyes out before pulling the grip frame away from the body.

O-Ring sizes (Thanks to Jim from PBK, this list is not complete yet and I'm not sure what is missing.)
006 Buna
007 Buna
007 Poly
008 Buna
011 Buna
012 Buna
015 Buna
017 Buna
022 Buna
110 Buna

Bolt lubrication: Pull the pin straight up and slide the bolt out, wipe down the bolt to clean off any dirt, paint, or grime. Do not use Dow 33, it is a grease and will become sticky/tacky after sometime of use and cause the bolt to stick. Do not use Dow 55 either; Dow 55 has an attribute that causes o-rings to swell up and your bolt will definately become stuck should you use Dow 55. You may even had to replace the o-rings to use the bolt properly again.
Triflow lube is the best and recommended for lubing your bolt. Use this in an open place though and avoid skin contact best you can. Triflow has teflon in it and has a very strong odor and can cause skin irritation. This will give you the best performance out of the bolt though as it will stay slick and not become tacky.

Effeciency: While I can't test the 2000 shots per 68/4500 theory, I did have a 45/4500 and I got roughly around 1100 shots off of it. And it was bitterly cold out too, probably in the 40's so I had roughly around 4200 psi after the fill. And the cold probably was dropping it even more without me knowing so I can only assume that the 2000 shots per 68/4500 is rather accurate.

Installation of Cyborg 07 Red Valve.
Dragon/Russian Legion/Ripper 3/Species/Vice Intimidators
Mirror's Edge/ Darq 7 / Red Edge
Silent Hill Cyborg

PBR Feedback +26/-0
PBN Feedback +9/-0
IOG Feedback +5/-0

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