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The Revolution takes two 9 volt batteries, but runs at 12 volts rather than 18 volts. A component on the board called a rectifier drops the voltage.

There reasoning behind this is as follows. VLs previous fastest loader was the VL Shredder - a VL 2000 with a larger paddle and running 18 volts rather then 9 volts. Quite fast for it's time, but the extra power was known to burn out motors and strip gears. Performance also dropped quickly, as the voltage from the batteries did not stay at 18 volts for long.

For the Revolution, VL dropped the voltage to 12 volts to reduce the torque and stop the gears stripping. The gears and paddle were changed to maintain feed speed (in fact, the feed rate was improved) at the lower voltage. Motor burn out is pretty much eliminated, and because it takes a while for the batteries voltage to drop below 12 volts from 18 volts, full performance is maintained for longer.
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