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Pictures of the Joy Division G7 that replaced the Rasta '05 Speed due to cosmetic flaws (and let's face facts, you buy a Rasta Angel for the cosmetics! )

Sadly, the G7 I received also has some flaws, including milling marks around the trigger guard

Oh well, I can't win.....

What all the best LCD screens are saying this year. Shame about the nasty grip panels, but hey, it's a JD, what do you expect?

Out of the box marker, with VLocity loader and Conquest air system regulator (need to get a new tank).

First addition, a Freak barrel.

Remember I said I couldn't win? Misaligned Freak insert.....

Coming tomorrow, a CP G7 reg adapter, which will hopefully be joined by an Evolve Pi or AKALMP 2-Liter Plus in due course, and I have ordered a Tadao FSB Master Tech board which is probably sat in customs at the moment. When that arrives I can think about replacing the grips panels with some '05 Speed ones.

25-Jan update
Another example of my lack of luck - the CP reg adapter arrived today. Gloss black rather than the dust I ordered, and scratched by the fixing screws which had burst out of their packaging.....

28-Jan update
STD Industries JDS Angel LPR on order. Wonder what will be wrong with that.....
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