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Ok, finally! After my 'Cockers lonngggg journey (and I mean long), it's finally back and ready for action. It started out back in October of '05 when I sent it to JCM for a Halfblock conversion. I got it about 2 months later, then sent it out for anodizing. This is where it gets interesting. The first attempt at anodizing, they messed up on it, and sent it back to me thinking I emailed them telling them I wanted it back ASAP, which I didn't. No problem though, they re-did it for me for free and gave me my money back for everything and also threw me in some goodies . They are great, if you're interested in getting something anodized. So anyways, I sent them my Halfblock in November, got it back last week of December, had it back for one day, then sent it back out for re-anodizing. So finally yesterday, I got it back and it can now finally take a break from travelling around the country .

So how is it? Absolutely outstanding. This is pretty much everything I wanted. It's light, incredibly small (almost fits in the palm of my hand) and I won't even mention how fast it is. It feels fantastic to shoot and hold. I can't think of anything I don't like about it.

It's gone from this...

To this...

The only other thing it needs now is a threaded feedneck and maybe mQ-valve, but probably not.

Here's the up list-

Custom JCM'ed Halfblock 03 body, re-anodized.
Custom delrin bolt, pull pin, and sled.
Planet Eclipse E2
Planet Eclipse Samurai 2 trigger
Planet Eclipse Nexus ram with QEVs
Planet Eclipse DART LPR
Planet Eclipse supercharger valve
Planet Eclipse hammer
Planet Eclipse gauge
Chipleys front block screw
Custom Products 2 piece barrel
Custom Products regulator (medium)
KAPP delrin detent
CiP uni-mount

All of the red parts have been re-anodized to match

Comments welcome!
JCM Halfblock... Mini'd and Midgetted

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