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How to take a 'Cocker apart

This thread was left open for anyone to ask any Questions about a certain step in the guide. Any other posts will be deleted.

I'm not responsible if you break something on your 'Cocker.

Ok, so I noticed there has been a lot of threads on how to take out the valve. Today I thought to myself, "why not make a guide on how to take a 'Cocker fully apart?" Well, anyway, here's the guide.

First off, Tools I used:

Valve tool (or a modified allen key. Info on how to make one here).
3/16, 5/32, 1/8, 5/64, 3/32, and 1/16 (not shown) allen keys.
11mm, 12mm, and 1/2 wrenches.
5mm 6-point and 1/4 12-point sockets.

Ok, here's the actual guide. Sorry for the bad pics. And yes, my 'Cocker is dirty. Plus, with the flash, you see all the little faint scratches and finger prints that you don't see normally.

Step 1.
Get your 'Cocker setup, find a clean work area (I used the floor since I couldn't get good pics on my desk). Also, for the small parts, keep them in a area where you know you won't loose them. Or in a small bag.

Step 2.
Remove the barrel, hopper, and tank. Make sure there is no air in marker.

Step 3.
Remove the ASA on your marker.

Step 4.
Remove the regulator on the marker.

Step 5.
Remove the bolt and pin. By doing this, pull the pin out, then slide the bolt out the back.

Step 6.
Remove the cocking rod. You can do that by unscrewing it till you can pull it out.

Step 7.
Next, remove the beavertail. Do this by getting a 1/8 allen key and unscrew the screw that holds the beavertail to the body.

Step 8.
Now, remove the back block from the body. You do this by unscrewing the back block from the pump arm.

Step 9. (Skip if you have a mech)
Flip the body around and remove the eye cover. Use a 1/16th allen key to remove the screw that holds it to the body.

Step 10. (Skip if you have a mech)
Lift the eye out of the body.

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