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Step 16.
Now lets remove the hammer. Insert a 1/8th allen key into the access hole on the top of the body. Turn it counter-clockwise, which will raise the lug. Look at the bottom of the body and watch the lug going up. Stop when it's flush with the hammer. Then slide the hammer out the back of the body.

Just a suggestion to make things a little easier when you re-assemble - count the number of turns you used to raise the hammer lug. Lower it the same number of turns when you re-assemble. Avoids having to re-time the lug - Uziel.

Step 17.
Remove the valve retaining screw using a 5/32 allen key.

Step 18.
Now we have to remove the valve. Get a valve tool, insert it into the back of the lower tube on the body, and unscrew it till the Jam nut comes out the back. The valve should slide out. If not, get a small allen key and push it out.

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