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Step 19.
Now it's time to remove the pneumatics. First is the ram, pull off the hoses on the barbs on the Qev/ram. If you can't get the hoses off, heat them up with a hair dryer. If there is top hats on them, use pliers and pull the top hats off the barbs, then pull off the hoses. Then remove the Qevs if you have any. Now unscrew the ram. Depending on the pump arm, you don't have to remove it to take off the ram, in my case, I have to remove the pump arm.

Step 20.
Next up is the LPR. Remove the hose and the barb. To remove the barb, use plyers or a socket. I used a 5mm socket. Then unscrew the LPR. If needed, use a wrench to break the loctite if there is any. I used a 1 / 2 wrench to remove the LPR.

Step 21. Electro Only.
Now remove the cocking solenoid. Simply unscrew it.

Step 21. Mech Only.
Now remove the front screw on the collar. Then unscrew the 3-way from the body. After you do that, remove the rear screw and unscrew the collar from the timing rod. A way to remember how many threads in the collar was, count how many rotations the collar took to unscrew till it was off the rod. This will help you in not timing it again when you re-assemble.

An alternative is to measure the length of the rod, from the bend in the rod to the first collar screw for instance (or you could always make a mark on the rod so you have a defined place to measure from). Not only handy for stripping and re-assembling the marker, but it will also allow you to check the rod at intervals and make sure that it hasn't moved - Uziel

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