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How should I dispose of 12 gram containers?
12 grams are still used in some pump markers and mainly BB guns as a light form of propellent. These are filled with CO2 and when the tip is punctured by some sort of device inside the marker or BB gun the CO2 can flow out to provide an adequate air source to propel the paint or BB.
It's recommended you not puncture the tip to empty it with something like a nail or any other instrument like that. It is far safer to use the 12 gram in it's proper aspect then to tamper with it in another manner; no matter how safe you may think it is or how controlled the environment is.
Also, do not intentionally destroy a 12 gram by shooting it with a firearm, slamming it in a toilet seat, or whackinig it with a hammer. These are just examples of what not to do.
These cylinders are pressurized and if you were to intentionally rupture them, especially at close range, you run the risk of producing some sort of shrapnel that can seriously injure or kill a person in an extreme situation. If you have them laying around it's best to give them to someone that can use them properly then trying to be funny and hitting one with a hammer only to have a splint of metal blind you. Even a needle thin piece of metal in the eye can cause serious damage and blindness.

Can I fill my tank above the recommended fill pressure and use it since Hydro testing does it anyway?
Hydro testing is based on displacement of water with the tank inside a tank of water. The tank is filled to a certain pressure point, far above the working pressure but below the bursting point. These tanks can be filled anywhere from 5000-6500 psi roughly from what I have heard of others getting it done. All tanks are different and have different pressures they are tested at, these numbers will vary from tank to tank but are also done in controlled settings with trained professionals to test the strength of your tank so it will not burst.
If you have a 3000 psi tank you fill it to no more then 3000 psi. Same goes for a 4500 psi tank, fill it to 4500 psi and no more. And in rare cases, such as the Evil Scion tanks, do not fill above 5000 psi should the tank be rated for 5000 psi. Filling it above the rated psi level stretches the tank body and can cause weaknesses in the tank body over time leading it to burst and injuring or killing an individual.
Most fields have fill stations for 3000 psi and 4500 psi lines and are meant to only fill those tanks. Don't think it'll be safe to hook your 3000 psi tank up to the 4500 line and get 1500 more psi then the tank is rated for. You don't know how it will handle it and you will be the person holding the tank when it gets filled. If the tank should fail you will be releasing 3000-4500 psi in your hands and to give you an idea of how serious that would be... it would be like a shotgun going off point blank into your body or head. There is not much left after that and more then likely it would kill you and others around you; or seriously injure them at the very least. I would not like to see the person that survived a Nitrogen tank going off in their hands because they over filled it thinking it was safe.
Only fill your tanks to the proper rated pressure as stated on the label from the manufacturer and DOT. Safety is key with these tanks and should not be toyed with. As Uziel stated before, PBR, the staff, and members who follow the guidelines of PBR are not responsible should you use a tank in a way it was not meant for. All damage, injuries, and potential deaths caused by improper use will be the sole responsibility of the individual who violated those rules and guidelines.
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