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I wrote that previous thread a long time ago. since then I updated to HPA and all hell broke loose . gun went for a crap and I have done extensive reworking on it to solve problems . first off a scratched bolt is common and nothing to worry about . I had problems with air delivery from asa to high pressure valve, the angle fitting was bottoming out inside the adapter causing low flow , this caused some of my chopping , after i fixed that I got too much air and had to lower the spring pressure to get ball speed down to reg. after that i had more air flow problems and had to backtrack , ( problem found was when I had drilled out the angle fitting i did not clean it well enough . the filings plugged the filter under the adapter, my bad. )

I have since found a spider acs bolt (anti chop )I wanted to try ( yes I know they dont fit ) with some extensive milling to the body I made it fit . the dwell is the same as the stock bolt so that is a not a problem .I have test fired it a few times and it seems to work .I have not tryed it on the field yet.

I may still have problems with the hpa change over and last time I used this marker it developed a new problem , the marker turns off after a few shots fired ( could be a week battery) but will test in summer . good thing it is just a back up unit and my diablo isnt giving me problems.

my advice is get a different gun this one will cause you to pull all your hair out. This i have seen on too many jt 3.5s and their bald owners. I am a die hard and will not give up on it though .
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