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ATTN: Luxfer Tank Owners

Yes, I know this should be posted in Air Systems but this is as urgent as the GCI tanks that were recalled. This is not just for PMI tank owners but for all owners who's tank uses a Luxfer tank.
Luxfer issues recall on small number of bottles
By Luxfer
Mar 2, 2006, 15:11

Pursuit Marketing Inc. (PMI) has been informed by Luxfer Gas Cylinders (Luxfer) that a small number of their composite cylinders which PMI uses in some of the Pure Energy Air Systems may not have been fully tested by Luxfer’s certified third party inspector. The Luxfer cylinders in question would have been sold by PMI or others from June through September 2005. Not all Pure Energy Air Systems utilize the Luxfer cylinder.

All dealers and consumers are requested to read the attached notice from Luxfer and comply with their instructions to determine if a cylinder is part of the small group that requires testing. This inspection will only take a few moments and may be done through Luxfer’s internet site or by calling the provided toll-free number. If you do not feel confident that you can correctly complete this evaluation, please take the Pure Energy Air System in question to a local paintball proshop and ask them to assist in completing this process.

If a cylinder does require testing, Luxfer will provide pre-paid postage for the return of the cylinder. After testing, it will be promptly returned at no charge.

All PMI products are designed and manufactured to be durable, reliable and appropriate for the intended use. PMI is diligent in requiring all that products and vendors comply with all applicable laws or regulations that apply to the Sport of Paintball, including but not limited to ASTM, DOT and CGA standards.

For more information or for further clarification of this notice please contact: Michael Lukas at Pursuit Marketing Inc., 800-334-0502 ext 547 or via e-mail:

To see the notice from Luxfer, click HERE.
Click here and type in your tank info to see if yours needs to be tested
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