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Viks - the ram bracket limits the width of the ram you can fit. Basically, there is only a finite distance between the bracket and the body, so any ram with an end cap much wider than the stock one would need to be ground down for clearance.

Electronic frames - to my mind the only thing that challenges the E-Blade is the Racegun frame. More firing modes, the same degree of adjustment (though there is no screen, and almost all adjustments have to be done with a computer or PDA), 45 grip compatibility, break beam eyes, re-chargeable battery. More expensive than an E-Blade (even before the E-Blade prices dropped - now there is a huge difference).

'97 and earlier style slide frames - P&P 3 screw slide frame was the best in my opinion.

'98 and later style slide frame - Dye or Freeflow (if you can find either one)

Hinge frames - The Planet Blade was probably best if you can find one. If you can't, there is the ANS copy. Other good options would be the Powerlyte Axis, KAPP Reflex and the Chipley frames (all subject to availability).

drtalent - Dark isn't really avoiding the issue here. There are a lot of things that can effect the fire rate of your marker. Cycling mass is only one thing. The condition of the ram, how the marker is lubricated, bolt fit, LPR pressure, hammer spring tension, loader feed rate, frame settings etc. can all have an effect on the eventual rate of fire you can achieve. That's before we even take in to account how fast you can pull the trigger!

With all those variables, it's hard to give a precise number, so we don't like quoting figures that you may think are set in stone, as you may find that your own marker is faster or slower than we have suggested, and feel that you have been misinformed.

With the Slik kit installed, the stock ram *should* be good for 18+ bps, assuming that the LPR pressure is high enough, the ram is in good condition, the marker is lubricated correctly, the loader is fast enough, blah blah blah, etc. etc.

You just need to be aware that this can only ever be an estimated figure, as each marker is slightly different, and your marker could be faster or slower depending on a whole bunch of variables.
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