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This place is friggen amazing! >><< They have all sup-air, located in pickering ontario. Theyre fairly new, its really clean there as well! Also they have netting all around and sweet astroturf.

Spidey said, "Hey I just found on the net, from what i see they're canadian, based in Quebec, and do COD which is a big plus. I was thinking about ordering a Ricochet Apache from them because they're the only Canadian site I can find that sells them that do COD. Can anyone give me more info on these guys like their service/reliability/contactability (is that a word?). anyways help would be appreciated, thanks."

These guys have amazing service whenever you need information on just about anything. I have ordered about 5 things from there and they only screwed it up once, they didn't send me my profiler but they sent me the box! I guess it was just a display but they thought a mask was in there. But when i called them they sent another one right away, its a good company. Their contactability its A plus.
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