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ACI Whats up w/them

My son wanted a ACI KURRUPT ASSASSIN and now wants to upgrade it, 1 problem We went to there sight and it's been under construction for over 6mos. now. I was told They went out of business or are being bought and thats why I can't get them. Emails come back undeliverable and Phone #'s disconnected.
Any ways he wants to upgrade the Trigger,Grips. and any other parts that should. His 2 pcs. barrel is awsome. I'm putting in a 50gram switch, the bolt is half delrin and metal all black,(I was told it is ceramic+delrin) I do know it is Spyder Threaded and is a clone, Is the factory reg./expantion/? any good? I Just need help on this. He loves the marker, but i don't know much about it and can't find it.
Please Help and no smart remarks like "buy a diierent gun" He is 11yrs. and I have 2 custom Ion w/Lucky internals and a Nerve,
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