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Conn, Maine, Mass, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Vermont Sites

Here 's the deal, If you have played in the State(s) listed above and would like to share some information about the field or facility you played at please do so. Copy and paste* just the blue print of the form below, and fill in the blanks that are applicable. Only use this if YOU YOURSELF! have been there and played. Let's not have any second hand information in here.
*(if ya need to, see note at bottom on how to copy & paste)*

Business Name:


Telephone Number:


Registration Fee:

Rental Equiptment Fee:

Fill Stations:

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:

Styles of Play Available:


Copy & paste info: To copy someone elses typed information, place the cursor on the begining part of the text and click the left mouse button, and hold and drag to cover all the text you want copied. Once you've highlighted all the area you want copied, lift your figer off the left mouse button and click the right button. This will pop up a small window which will ask you what ya want to do. Select copy.

Go to the thread you want to place this copy in and click on post reply. Fill in the Subject line with the name of the State/Field or Site you're reviewing. Tab down to the message box. The right mouse button depressed in the message area will again display the pop up window, where you will select paste. The copied print will now be displayed in the message area. Move the cursor to each line click on it, and tell us what you know!
Morde Sordom

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