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once upon a time, jaster called my dad.

Jaster: Do you know what yur son did with my hose the other day?

Dad: no? who the hell are you anyway?

J: Jaster the PBR master

D: are you a serial killer?

J: no, but some ppl say i look like one

D: ok, what did my son do?

J: *sobbing* he first ran up my water bill while he was attacking me with my hose

D: so what?

J: then he lit me up with a BE blade, cause he's just that good at paintball

D: OMG! *click*

for anyone who's wondering, i wrote this in like 20seconds, so its pretty stupid. And what's even more stupid is that i know im about to be banned, yet im still just going to post this cause im an idiot.

jaster, when you read this, please know i had good intensions at hard, and show mercy upon me, a poor lil PBR '05er
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