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well lets no get me started on stories with jaster...theres some good ones

lighting jaster up - some me nd jaster were on opposite sides of the field...this was way back when, when jaster was teaching me how to play speedball(yes, i was tought how to play speedball by jaster himself-of course he didnt teach me his leet tumble move ) so me nd him are sitting there not focusing on anybody else really...snapping at eachother..then finally i got him...about 15 times...all over the front of his body (ok ok what really happened was he lit me up, but hey its story time so i bent the last part of this one a lil bit!)

spitwad paintball in dennys- well after a nice night of practing we all went to dennys like normal...this was during the winter(all 4 of these stories same night in the winter, jsut diff times of the night) so were having fun, the floor and everytjing we all touched was covered in paint and paint shells...they hated us, we made that place such a painty mess, esp when we wiped off our shoes where u walk we were wating for our food i get hit by a spitball from one of our good msot of us decided to get our straws and play spitwad paintball in dennys...needless to say it was a great time...

ont he drive home me coop and chuck were all in the was a blizzard out(really, it was) and coops window fluid and windshield wipers didnt everyohh 5 minutes we would stop and put snow on the windows so we could after awhile we stopped doing that...and the window was like almsot impossible to see through...but we kept goiong and chuck are basically crapping our pants as were drivng upwards of 80 mph and cant see a damn thing...i go "coop how the hel do you see where your going?" he goes "dont worry kyle, im following the red lights from the truck in front of us" then me and chuck look at eachtoher scared ****less, we open the window a little bit nd look out quickly..needless to say there was no truck in front of that point me and chuck wwere basically ready to jump pout nd hitch a ride from sombody..then we stopped and did the snow window thingy...

soon after that the snow stopped was nice and quiet and i fell asleep in the back of the car while chuck nd coop were have a nice sleep and nie rest from the long decides to be a *******(sorry, best way to describe ya that night tho ) and scream "KYLE STOP BREATHING YOUR FOGGING UP MY DAMN WINDOWS" well when he first screamed like my name i jumped so scared and so fast i smacked my head pretty hard on the roof of his car...when we finally got back to home and we stopped nd met my mom so she could bring me home so coop didnt have to drive another 10 minutes( lazy basterd) he sits there and tells her how well behaved i was and how great the ride home was...what he didnt tell her is how well unbehaved he i had like jsut turned 13 he got a kick out of everything he did to me that nigt...
haha great times coop, and hopefully more to come once were both back on the field
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