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UCLA NCPA Paintball Team

What's up guys. There has been a lot of success in starting paintball clubs/club sports in other universities and I think it's been long overdue to start one at UCLA.

I'm looking to start a team next fall (Fall 06), but I would love to get things rolling during Spring Quarter (ie administrative work, sponsors, ect ect) so we can have a ready team by the Fall.

Few requirements:
1. Must be a full-time UCLA student (12 units minimum).
2. Must be wlling to fund own paintball expenses (ie guns, gear, paint, tournament fees)
3. Must be willing to learn and improve paintball skills.

It doesn't matter if you're a tournament player, recreational woodsball player, or a newbie; we're looking for people who love to play this sport.

Please contact me at:
AIM: deathwing702
via PM
if you're interested.

Please send me your name/contact information (email, AIM, cell), equiptment (guns, gear, etc), experience (how long you've been playing, tournament experience), where you're from (hometown / where will you be over summer), and basic information about yourself (age, year at UCLA, any information you'd like to share). Thanks!

Let's get a team started and show everyone else what's up!

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