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You need to remove the circlip at the bottom, then unscrew the pressure adjuster screw and remove it. Tap the bottom of the reg until a brass piston (which has an o-ring around the middle) falls out. On the top of the brass piston is a nylon disk. This is your reg seat seal, which should be cleaned thoroughly. Once the reg seat seal has been removed, a spring and top hat shaped o-ring retainer will fall out.

To get the piston out you will need to unscrew the top of the regulator, and then push the piston out from the bottom.

Looking inside the bottom of the reg, you should see a brass tube. This is the tail end of the piston, and also acts as the reg seat. Make sure that there are no scratches or dents in the end of the tube. If there are, they will need polishing out, or the piston may need to be replaced if they are bad. Gently pushing the bottom of the tube will allow you to remove the piston from the top of reg, giving you access to the spring stack. The last part is the piston neck o-ring (which was held in place by the top hat) which should be easy enough to remove with a tooth pick once the piston has been removed.

The internally identical Ergo: -

- middle diagram
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