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OMG Thanks a billion
Ur a life saver uziel.

I have another problem and if its not too much can you help me out again? Alright so adjusted the cam adjuster and made the trigger pull as light as it can be. I raised the lug and voila the cocking rod would cock when pulled back. So i put it all back together and aired it up. All hell broke loose. The three way started leaking in the front hole and at first i think it was the tickler reg but then it was the three way for the rest of tihe time. I would pull the trigger and itq would not go back to its original position when u let go, you would have to push it back. The bolt and back block were moving back and forth though when you pulled the trigger but the cocking rod stayed still. In order for it to cock i would manually have to pull it back and when i shot it the gun was so loud i never heard it that loud before. I own an 04 orracle. Hope this is enough information. Is thereany other adjustments i need to make or is there a problem with my gun. Please give me any suggestions, thanks alot.
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