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OK, cocking reliability is another problem with multiple causes: -

1. Lowering the hammer lug is one thing that can resolve this problem.
2. If your hammer has a round or conical tipped lug, try a flat tipped lug instead.
3. If you sear spring is too light, it won't hold the hammer reliably - fit a longer or stiffer sear spring, or reduce the hammer spring tension.
4. If the sear or the hammer lug is heavily worn, they may need replacing.
5. If the hammer spring tension is too high, the sear may not be able to hold the hammer - reduce the hammer spring tension, or increase the sear spring tension to compensate.
6. You may need to increase your LPR pressure to ensure that the hammer is always pulled far enough past the sear.
7. If the cocking rod is set a little too long, this may again stop the hammer being pulled far enough past the sear.
8. It can also be down to slow regulator re-charge rates causing the LPR to lose pressure.
9. The simplest one - make sure that your cocking rod is always done up tight! If it is loose, the hammer wont be pulled back far enough for the sear to catch the lug every time. I have put this at the end of the list, but check this first!

You have a situation where it would appear that you need to lower your hammer lug in order to increase cocking reliability, but you have had to raise your hammer lug in order for your marker to clear the sear. It suggests that you may have your trigger pull set too short.

However, this problem may also be down to your light trigger pull, as too light a sear spring would not give the sear the ability to catch the hammer.
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